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The secret of our perseverance is to have a Management highly committed to all the aspects , radiating their feelings to each and every one of the structures of the organization. 

The quality of our products does not start with the quality of the raw material, instead with the training, awareness and competence of our staff, ending with the complete satisfaction of our customers. 
Knowing that the best fertilizer for plants are the "footprints of its owner", we walk the crops for him and for him, resulting in large harvests, of excellent quality at a
very competitive cost. 

If the heavy metals are pulem  or sleeplessness, in our company they are just another point of control, which begins with the selection of the best suppliers and therefore with the best raw material in the market. We do not sacrifice excellence and quality of our work products for the price. We are aware that a fruit apart from growing strong and vigorous, must be healthy and safe for human intake, and that from any point of view could be contaminated with waste that threaten the health of consumers. That is why our certifications are in all our processes, and when we say that "WE ASSURE OUR QUALITY", it is based on our Management System, is based on the Assurance of all processes, with which each employee is committed to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. We offer the best of the best, because we are simply the best of the best. We are a company committed to our customers, workers, quality and environment, with the aim of offering high quality products, using new technologies in formulations, production and marketing.


General Manager
Amino Grow International

Provide the market with high quality liquid fertilizers at a competitive cost in harmony with the environment.



Be the best option in liquid fertilizers, with a globally active presence.



At Amino Grow we are committed to the production and commercialization of high quality liquid fertilizers, which comply with the legal and regulatory requirements, as well those requested by the clients in order to increase their satisfaction. Elaborated under controlled processes that help the protection of the environment, preventing its contamination, under a system of continuous improvement for the benefit of the society, the personnel , the organization and the managers that surrounds us.


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